Virtual Dance Program

Sonus Productions has recorded dance programs for over 15 years and has created hundreds of quality videos for the dancers.

Because of the current situation with covid19 we wanted to develop a program where dancers that have worked hard all year and the dance companies that teach them could both benefit.

Here's how it works:

Step One - Dance company registers on the form below and attaches a logo if available. (JPEG or PNG)

Step Two - After registration any orders placed by your dancers will generate a 40% payment back to the dance company.


For example: For every student that pays $20 for their video recording $8.00 is sent to the dance company registered below.

Step Three - Dance company contacts dancers with a link to this site where they can submit a video for their particular dance and a music file if one is available. The finished video will consist of all the videos submitted by your particular dance company.


These videos can be recorded at home with a smart phone. If a music file is available it can be uploaded with order. Each dancer can submit one video. Video files preferably should be recorded at 30 frames and 1080p. Audio files should be MP3 format. Landscape angle should be used when using a smart phone.

The finished video will consist of each dancers submitted video (and audio if submitted) along with their name in a screen title. Submitted videos should be no longer than 3 minutes. 

Step Four - Dancers have 10 days after the initial dance company registration to submit their particular video and music file if available.

We will contact each dancer and contact person with a link to a private web page where the video can be viewed and downloaded. 

Once all the videos are received give us 10-14 days to complete editing and create a private web page.



We know this a challenging time and hopefully this program will help in some way artistically and financially.